• 1. Shouldn't Have... (Feat. Young K)

Shouldn't Have...


- Baek A Yeon, Returns with the First Digital Single 'Shouldn’t Have (Feat. Young K)' After 1 Year and 11 Months.
- Baek A Yeon’s First Self-Written Song, ‘Shouldn’t Have (Feat. Young K)’, Is a Sweet Love Song about Her Own Story.
- A Medium R&B Song that Uses Lively Shuffle Rhythm, Guitars, Percussions and Other Acoustic Instruments.
- A Song with an Impressive Straightforward Lyrics about ‘썸남썸녀’, a Recent Topic Of Conversation.

Baek A Yeon returns with her first Digital Single Album as well as her first self-written song, ‘Shouldn’t Have…(Feat. Young K)'.

Came back with her first Digital Single album, Baek A Yeon was the earliest member to debut among ‘K-POP Star Season 1’ leading participants. She influenced the online music sites with her debut song ‘Sad Song’, and her skills were highly credited when her last album ranked high on various online music charts on the release date of ‘a Good Boy’. She now becomes the singer-songwriter by presenting the fans her self-written song. Since she has been praised for her clear ringing voice, and emotional vocal skills, A Yeon’s first self-written song receives the fan’s high expectations and enthusiastic responses.

The title song ‘Shouldn’t Have… (Feat. Young K)’ stands out with its impressive straightforward lyrics that narrates a story like a monologue about ‘썸남썸녀’, a recent topic of conversation, from a woman’s point of view. Guitars, percussions, and other acoustic instruments along with lively shuffle rhythm and A Yeon’s charming and lighter voice tone were joined altogether to make this fresh love song. A Yeon and composer 심은지 co-worked to add sincerity to A Yeon’s first self-written song by including her own experience. This sweet love song was completed with JYP trainee Younghyun’s rap.

Baek A Yeon! A sweet, fresh love song about her own story! 'Shouldn’t Have… (Feat. Young K).’
Fall in love with an attraction of A Yeon, who has become a singer-songwriter!

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